(Short Fantasy film)

A young boy falls asleep during the singing of his mother’s lullaby, taking us along on his magical dreamland quest to that mystical place our spirits go to play when our bodies sleep at night. He is helped, guided and challenged along the way, determined to accomplish what he set out to do before the night is done. Filled with dreamy symbols of love, peace and connection, Dorme is a breathtaking visual lullaby for all ages.

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Production Company: DreamWeaver Films
Category: Fantasy
Writer/Producer: Sylvia Binsfeld
Director: Sylvia Binsfeld
Runtime: Approx. 7-min.

Zachary Robert Nascarr
Sylvia Binsfeld
Dominique Long
Desiree Bernesque
Ingrid Wedemann
Jeffery Iverson
Brent Sakihara

Director of Photography: Svetlana Cvetko
Master Compositor & Digital Wizard: Steve Wright
Composer: Arnaldo Antunes
Editor: Sharon Franklin


  • “Dorme is a beautiful, poetic journey into the nighttime innocence of young dreams."

    Dee Wallace actress – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
  • “Dorme is a special and sweet film that brings the magic of the dream world that is filled with joy and possibility.”

    Mariel Hemingway Spiritual Cinema Circle Spokesperson/Academy Award-nominated actress
  • “I just watch it over and over I love it so much! I hum the lullaby to myself all the time, its so mesmerizing and somehow comforting. Thank you, thank you so much for making such a beautiful film, it is a treasure.”

    Dave M. C. Spiritual Cinema Member
  • “…Sylvia Binsfeld directed, wrote and co-starred in this beautiful short in which a little boy dreams of an adventure across the Milky Way, through moonlit seas, past wizards with sleep potions to his grandmothers’ house and then back to bed.”

    Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. International Association for the Study of Dreams
  • "Dorme"--An awesome visual trip through dreamland.
  • In Dorme Symbolism is layered throughout. The film is already being used as part of poet Terry Ehret's Santa Rosa Junior College class "Dreams and Inward Journeys." Sandwiched between Stephen King's "The Symbolic Language of Dreams" and Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Khan," "Dorme" is used to explore "how the unconscious reveals itself in our conscious life."

    John Beck The Press Democrat